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Advising Diversity Steering Group (PEACE IV Project)


Advising Diversity Steering Group


The sub-committee is part of a PEACE IV (SEUPB) funded project exploring best practice for local advice services in a diverse society and border area. The project is delivered for DCSD Council by STEP (South Tyrone Empowerment Programme). The project is about enhancing existing good practice and building on work which already exists within the BME and Advice Services sectors.  The role of the steering group is to assist, alongside others, the project to do the following:


1.    Establish a cross-community steering group – To launch, steer and collectively input into all elements of the project.


2.    Conduct and publish research – To scope the key issues for local BME communities and local advice providers including case studies, identifying issues and key recommendations.


3.    Agree and deliver a local cross-community programme – This will include a residential(s)/day trips to models of best practice; a series of seminars/workshops/non-vocational training; an end of project event to disseminate learning.


4.    Agree on small scale initiative(s) to enhance communication between BME and Advice Services sectors eg. Multi-lingual signage, multi-lingual leaflets, exploration of language line or similar.


5.    Close and evaluate the project – Complete all monitoring and evaluation and pass any final recommendations from the project steering group to the DCSD Council Advice Services Panel.




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