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NI Local Government Association


The Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) represents the collective interests of elected members in local councils and facilitates the development of the sector. It seeks to promote, strengthen and represent the local government sector as part of the Local Government Group of Associations in the UK.

The Association is supported by the main political parties in Northern Ireland together with representatives from other parties, and is supported by elected representatives from all 11 local authorities.
Located in Castlereagh Road, Belfast, meetings are facilitated by officers to support the Members in their working groups and committees, providing advice and direction to take decisions and to offer to Councils for consideration. 

By ensuring the collective response from Councils, the Association lobbies on local government’s behalf to achieve the outcomes necessary to strengthen and support the services delivered to ratepayers and to forewarn and forearm Members in regard to policies and consultations affecting the sector coming from central government, the EU and other legislative bodies.


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