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National Association of Councillors


The National Association of Councillors is an organisation which represents Elected Members in all types of Local Authorities and all political persuasions. The Association is not only run for Elected Members, it is also run by Elected Members.

The objectives of the Association are as follows:-

  1. To represent and further the interests of Members of Local Authorities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  2. To provide a forum for Elected Members to discuss items of common interest and exchange information and ideas.
  3. To initiate consideration of matters of interest to Elected Members and to disseminate information to Elected Members.
  4. To provide for the training and education of Elected Members.
  5. To consult with Central Government and the devolved centres of power on the enhancement of the status of Elected Members.

The Association also provides a forum for Elected Members to meet and discuss problems, and the Association makes known its views publicly on matters which directly affect the Councillor such as decision making structures, the management of authorities, constitutional and financial matters and the provision of allowances and support services for councillors.


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