Agenda item

Park Road and Strabane Canal


Councillor R Barr stated that the new walkway at the Canal in Strabane had been welcomed by the residents of Strabane who frequently used the area for walking during the lockdown.  However, he felt that the project has become a victim of its own success with the age old problem of dog fouling and irresponsible dog owners. He felt that it was time for Council to adopt a zero tolerance approach to this problem.  He stated that due to the popularity of the canal, car parking had also become a major problem and assumed that Council owned the car park.  He asked that if so, was there a possibility that the car park could be expanded in the future to cope with the increased demand.


                        Continuing, he highlighted an issue regarding speeding on Park Road and asked that officers contact the relevant department with a view to imposing a speed limit or installing speed ramps at the area.


                        In response, the Director of Health and Community advised that she would refer the issues relating to the car park at the canal and traffic calming measures at Park Road to the Environment and Regeneration Directorate.