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The Director of Health and Community presented the above report, details of which were previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to update Members on correspondence received by Council.


                        Councillor Edwards noted his frustration regarding correspondence from Royal Mail.  He advised that the Mayor had also recently received additional correspondence informing him that the relocation of Castlederg Sorting Office to Strabane would take place at the end of February.  He stated that the company had disregarded the views of Elected Representatives, MLAs and the union on the matter which was deeply disappointing.


                        Alderman Hussey felt that the degree of arrogance from Royal Mail management on this issue was astounding.  He stated that he concurred with Councillor Edwards that the Mayor and the Director of Health and Community had written to the company on several occasions noting Council’s concerns.  He advised that a meeting was scheduled with Royal Mail, CWU and Members on 21 December 2020, but Royal Mail did not attend. He felt that this was a complete snub of Elected Representatives of the Council area at all levels.


                        Alderman Devenney stated that the DUP concurred with the sentiments expressed with the previous speakers regarding the sheer arrogance and a snub by Royal Mail to public representatives.   He stated that Royal Mail would go ahead with the closure of the sorting office at Castlederg without considering the major concerns raised which was disgraceful.


                        Councillor McHugh stated that when he initially raised the matter last year, Sinn Féin and their Party MP for West Tyrone had met with representatives from Royal Mail on that issue.  He stated that after the meeting had taken place, they felt that it was a fait accompli and expressed disappointment that with the involvement of all parties, they were still met with the same arrogance.


                        Councillor Harkin noted the response from the Department for the Economy regarding taxi drivers.  He stated that further action had been taken as more help was being provided, but there was also gaps in the process.  He stated that Taxi drivers have been one of a group of workers that have been allowed to fall through the cracks and have struggled.  He welcomed that they were to receive some financial assistance but expressed concern that not everyone could avail of it.


                        The Chair noted that the second financial assistance scheme would be available in the coming days for taxi drivers.  He believed that although there were changes made to the scheme, the £250 penalty for drivers who took a payment holiday in their insurance was unacceptable.


                        The Committee


                                                Recommended       that Members note the contents of                                                      the report. 


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