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Deputation: To Receive Erin McFeely: Derry and Strabane Healthy City and District - World Health Organisation European Healthy Cities Network


The Chair welcomed Ms McFeely to the meeting and invited her to make the presentation to the Committee. 


Ms McFeely, Chief Executive of Developing Healthy Communities presented the report to update Members on the work of the World Health Organisation (WHO) European Healthy Cities Network and seek support to maximise the impact of the Healthy Cities designation and brand for Derry City and Strabane District Council area.

                        The Chair thanked Ms McFeely for the presentation and invited comments from Members.


                        Councillor Ferguson thanked Ms McFeely for providing the detailed update to the Committee and the tremendous amount of work carried out over the past year.  She stated that she endorsed the recommendation within the report and welcomed the positives that can be taken from the Covid-19 pandemic with health and the economy. She stated that she also welcomed the community led initiative and attempting to find that holistic approach which she felt was important.


                        Alderman Devenney thanked Ms McFeely on the informative report.  He stated that he agreed wholeheartedly that sharing expertise and best practice was the way forward.   He also welcomed the holistic approach to health and wellbeing, particularly when society begins the recovery period from Covid-19.  He stated that the DUP were in full support of the WHO and welcomed the Ideas Fund and the allocation of £3.29m from the British Science Association.   He stated that he looked forward to attending the online conference in April 2021.


                        The Committee


Recommended       That Members (i) demonstrate support for the Healthy Cities movement by maximising the visibility and the profile of the Healthy Cities brand, aligning it to local strategies and projects which support the ‘6 P’s’ Framework. The brand and the ‘build back better’ approach could be a useful means for the Council to refocus its plans on health & wellbeing following the COVID crisis; (ii) promote and support the development of an open, local, cross sector network of people within the city and district who can access the benefits of being part of the WHO Healthy Cities European Network; (iii) receive regular updates on the progress of Healthy Cities and relevant information coming from the WHO Network, including; approval of the Phase VII application and an annual report/presentation; (iv) Members to attend the Healthy Cities online Conference in April 2021; (v) endorse and promote the ‘Ideas Fund’ which offers the opportunity for community led research projects linked to improving mental wellbeing, to be delivered in the Derry City and Strabane District Council area.



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