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Brooke Park Bowling Pavilion


The Head of Community Development and Leisure presented the above report, details of which had been previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to outline for Members the options in respect of Brooke Park Bowling Pavilion and to update Members on further proposed consultation with the Bowling Club at Brooke Park and the governing body of sport for bowling.


Councillor Harkin thanked the Head of Community Development and Leisure and the officer team for the report.  He stated that it reflected the previous discussions and the spirit and will coming from the bowling club members.  He felt that the engagement included in the recommendation was significant and was important to involve the club members in those engagements.  He also felt that it was important not just to engage with Councillors in Foyleside DEA, but across the entire district.  He stated that people from across the district could benefit from and use the facility.  He felt that given the previous discussions regarding physical and mental health and well-being, that bowling was an activity that people of all ages could participate in.  He stated that the club members were eager to see the bowling green be used by everyone.  He felt that this vision could be a transformative event in terms of the upgrade of the facility.  He stated that the club wanted an expanded membership and he encouraged Members to consider joining. 


Continuing, he referred to the issue of changing rooms at Brooke Park and stated that there was a possibility of cross-fertilisation of changing facilities as they could also be used for other activities.  He stated that the parking issue at the area was ongoing and was a huge issue in that area already for workers and users at Brooke Park and residents of the area.  He stated that club members had clearly indicated that they wanted a new build facility and it was important to continue to engage with them and do all we can to facilitate it. 


Councillor Carr referred to the recommendation within the report that noted that a further meeting would be held with club members.  He felt that the item should be deferred until that meeting had taken place.


The Chair stated that this was also his understanding of the matter.


Councillor Donnelly stated that the bowling club at Brooke Park was intergenerational and cross-community and had the social aspect.  He concurred with the sentiments expressed by Councillor Harkin that the invitation to meetings should be extended to any Elected Member who wished to attend.


Councillor Mooney concurred with the sentiments expressed by the previous speakers.  He stated that it was his understanding that it had been agreed at the December meeting of Council that all Elected Representatives would be invited to participate in any discussions regarding the bowling club.


Councillor Gallagher thanked the Head of Community Development and Leisure for the report.  He stated that this report was an update of the previous discussion and he felt that providing options and the recommendation to consult with the users was the sensible way forward.  He also felt that any Elected Member should be welcome to attend.


The Director of Health and Community stated that she would check the minutes of the December Council meeting but if it was the wish of the Committee to involve and open the consultation to all Members, there would be no difficulty.


                        The Committee


Recommended          that Members (i) endorse the proposed consultation process with the Bowling Club at Brooke Park and also with the governing body of sport for bowling and (ii) Members note the proposed options as set out in the report, the details of which will be re-presented for approval following the consultation process.


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