Agenda item

Harbour Square re-development - Factory Girls Sculpture


The Chair referred to the redevelopment of Harbour Square project and in particular the submission to DSD for proposed artwork to commemorate the Factory Girls.  He asked for an update on the current status of funding request to DSD, taking into consideration a delay due to the current pandemic.


                        The Director of Business and Culture clarified for Members that the initial proposal reflected a complex procurement strategy and the Economic Appraisal was submitted to DFC and awaited approval.  He reported that the initial cost for the first phase of the project was £100k and Council’s contribution was 10% or £10k.  However, the estimated amount for phase 1 of the design had increased to £170k, therefore DFC requested that Council increase their contribution for Phase 1 by £7k.  He assured Members that progress had been achieved despite the complexity of the procurement process. It was agreed for an update report to be presented at the next meeting.


                        Councillor Logue welcomed the progress made to date with the Factory Girls project.  She suggested that a meeting be held with the representatives of the Factory Girls who had met previously so that they are kept informed of the progress.  This was supported by Councillor Cusack.


                        The Director of Business and Culture agreed to engage with the Factory Girls representatives prior to an update report being presented to Committee next month.