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Capital Projects Approval


The Lead Finance Officer presented the above report, a copy of which had previously been circulated.  He advised that the purpose of the report was to allocate funds towards a number of capital projects and other corporate priorities within Council’s capital plan following consideration by the Capital Projects and Corporate Programme Planning Group held on 25 October 2019.


The Head of Capital Development and Building Control gave a power-point presentation providing details of the capital projects referred to in the report which had previously been circulated to Members.


Councillor Mellon welcomed the report and thanked the Head of Capital Development and Building Control for his presentation.  She said it was clear that this Council was committed to investment and growth for the City and District and to building positive communities.  She referred to a recent visit to the Leafair Pavillion which she said provided endless opportunities for the local community and referred to the need to focus on the positive benefits to be derived from Council’s investment for local communities and the impact thereof.  Having such facilities and programmes was at the heart of any thriving community.  She looked forward to the outcome of the planned projects.


Councillor Boyle welcomed the report and the presentation which provided good news from a number of perspectives.  Council’s investment into the City and District over a period of time was now evident and he had witnessed this in a number of ways not least as a member of the Capital Working Party Group.  He thanked all those Officers involved in the delivery of the projects and wished them well in their future endeavours.  He referred to the clear need for a new City Cemetery and welcomed this having been included in the Plan as part of the future vision.  He expressed concern that some of the activities were based on the delivery of the City Deal.


Alderman McClintock welcomed this positive announcement and the extensive range of projects being delivered across the City and District. 


The Committee


Recommended       (a) that Council approves allocation of funds of £625k from Council’s capital fund and in-year loan charge savings and a further sum of £2.177m from Council’s remaining unallocated loan charge provision to progress the projects detailed in the report;


(b) that Directors are provided with delegated

authority to progress these capital projects in

line with the overall agreed budgets with all

decisions to be recorded on the Register of

Decisions; and


(c) that Members note the impact of the increase in the PWLB borrowing rate from HM Treasury and that engagement takes place on behalf of NI Councils at both political level and officer level to try and reverse this.



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