Agenda item

Reconsidered Applications Deferred (P77/19)


Councillor Kelly stated that a number of reconsidered applications were deferred as a result of not having the required quorum in order to make a determination on those applications.  He stated that it was no fault of the applicant that those applications had to wait until a quorum had been reached.  He enquired if a special Planning meeting could be scheduled to deal with the matter in order for people to progress their building work before the winter months.

In response, the Director of Environment and Regeneration stated that the Chair of the Planning Committee had agreed with this recommendation and would be happy to have a date organised for as soon as possible.

Councillor Gallagher stated that not all members of the Planning Committee could be called to consider the matter.

Councillor J Boyle concurred that not everyone on the Planning Committee had heard the applications. However the Planning Committee still required a quorum.  He requested that the meeting take place sooner rather than later due to the holiday period.

The Lead Legal Services Officer advised that the summons for the meeting must be issued to all Members of the Planning Committee and it would be a matter for Members to decide if they could participate in the discussion.  He stated that officers would make enquiries in advance to ensure the quorum committee would be able to attend.