Agenda item

Climate Change (C167/19)


Councillor Harkin referred to Councillor McCann’s Motion that had been passed and asked for an update regarding the proposal to set up a multi-agency team to tackle climate change.  He stated that Members had also agreed to support the global strike to take place on 20 September 2019 and stressed the urgency of creating the multi-agency team.

                        In response, the Director of Environment and Regeneration advised that Officers where working on the matter.  She referred to a further motion that had been passed in relation to climate change were it had been agreed that a working group be established.  She advised that nominations had been received in respect of this.  In the meantime officers were considering potential partners to become part of the multi-agency team and this would be presented at the Members Working Group for discussion and have it established as quickly as possible.

                        Councillor Harkin stated that whilst he appreciated the response, in his opinion some motions had been given priority over others and asked that more urgency be given on this particular matter.  He asked that Members receive the list of bodies and organisations that had been contacted as soon as possible.