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'Stitch in Time' and 'Celebrate' Public Artwork


The Head of Culture presented the above report details of which had been previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to seek Member approval on the future of the Stitch in Time public artwork and for the adoption of the artwork entitled ‘Celebrate’ by artist Maurice Harron currently in the ownership of Creggan Enterprise Limited.


                        Councillor Cooper welcomed the report and agreed that the structural failure of the artwork needed to be addressed as a matter of urgency.


                        Councillor McCann expressed the view that the artwork lacked imagination and he did not see the point of the feature on a building that was closed down and he would also question the alternative location.


                        The Director of Business and Culture confirmed for Councillor Farrell that no response had been received in relation to feedback from government departments regarding an ongoing maintenance budget for public art. 


                        Councillor Farrell proposed to defer the decision until such a response was received and for a specific funding request to be submitted to the Department for Communities towards the ‘Stitch in Time’ artwork.


                        Alderman McClintock commented that she was of the opinion that the artwork was displayed in a prime location to be viewed from all over the City and it would be difficult to find an alternative site that would offer a similar viewpoint.


                        Discussion ensued after which the Committee:  


Recommended        that Council i) agree the                                                               decommissioning of the stitch in                                               time artwork from the Rosemount                                         Factory site subject to further                                                           consultation with the                                                                    decommissioning company and                                                the artist.   ii) adopts the artwork                                              entitled ‘Celebrate’ and undertake                                            to complete any required ongoing                                                 maintenance requirements. 


                        Aldermen McClintock and Devenny and Councillor R Barr left the meeting at this stage and did not return.


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