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St Patrick's Day/Spring Carnival 2020


The Head of Culture presented the above report details of which had been previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to highlight plans for the development of the 2020 St Patricks Day celebrations and to present recommendations as outlined within the report.


                        Alderman Devenney expressed concern that not all citizens from the community had been consulted with and it was felt that the exclusion of the protestant community was intentional.   He also referred to the backlash due to the display of flags by the protestant community over the summer period of celebrations despite no issue when flags are displayed by the catholic community prior to the St Patrick’s Day event.  He said that conditions needed to improve in terms of inclusion for both sides of the community.    


                        The Head of Culture in response to the previous speaker advised that the activity of the Carnival parade was open for all citizens to participate and that was the ethos of the North West Carnival initiative and in particular to deliver the parade in partnership with Council.


                        Councillor R Barr welcomed the report and supported inclusion of all citizens throughout the City and District.  He referred to the St Patrick’s Day parade route in Strabane and confirmed that he agreed with the proposal for the parade to be reverted back to the previous route so to incorporate the participation of the residents in the Care Homes on the Melmount Road.  Councillor J Barr seconded the proposal.


                        Councillor J Barr also proposed that there be no applications made for a Grand Marshall in honour of the late Mr Pat Gillespie who sadly passed away recently.


                        The Committee


                                                Recommended       that Council i) approve                                                                             programming and financial                                                                    arrangements as outlined within                                                                       the report. ii) agree for the St                                                                                    Patrick’s Day parade route in                                                                                   Strabane to be reverted  back to                                                                the previous route. iii) and for no                                                                   applications for a Grand Marshall                                                         to be made in honour of the late                                                           Mr Pat Gillespie who passed away                                                        recently.


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