Agenda item

Christmas 2019 - Programming and Marketing Plans


The Head of Culture presented the above report details of which had been

previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to update

Members on the programming and marketing plans for Christmas 2019.


Alderman McClintock welcomed the report.  She referred to the Marketing

Activities as outlined within the report and the ‘buzz’ style messages and

asked that the word Londonderry be included as the word Strabane on the

messaging examples as this provided inclusiveness for all citizens from the

City and wider District.


Councillor Duffy also welcomed the report and voiced support of the previous

speaker’s suggestion.  She expressed her excitement with the impending

programme of events throughout the City and District and in particular the

community events planned. 


Alderman Devenney welcomed the report.  He however sought clarification in

regards to the allocation of £1k funding to the 3 specific communities as listed

and queried why other areas didn’t avail of similar funding allocation.


Councillor Farrell referred to the location of the programme of events hosted

at the Guildhall Square and queried if any consideration had been given to

using the Ebrington site.


The Head of Culture in response to Members clarified that the £1k funding

grant allocation to the 3 communities had been inherited from the former

legacy Strabane Council and the existing budget or process did not allow for

further funding allocation to other towns and villages throughout the new

District Council area. She further advised that Officers intended to meet with

the groups to discuss the funding and to review options for the future.   She

also clarified that it was decided to host the events at the Guildhall Square as

this proved a great success in terms of encouraging footfall into the city

centre in previous years.


                        The Committee


                                                Recommended       that Council approve                                                                     programming and financial                                                        arrangements as outlined                                                                        within the report.


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