Agenda item

Strabane BID Review & Implementation of Recommendations


The Head of Business presented the above report details of which had been

previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to update

Members on the Mid-Term Review of the Strabane Business Improvement

District and seek approval on elements requiring Council intervention.


Councillor McLaughlin referred to the establishment of the BID Company in

2016 and the time-period that had lapsed without any evidence of progress

which in her opinion was primarily due to no Town Centre BID Manager in

post to drive forward the BID Programme key recommendations endorsed by

the Board as outlined within the report.  She therefore supported

wholeheartedly the appointment of a Manager and urged that the recruitment

process be accelerated so that a physical presence was on the ground to

communicate and engage with the retailers as a matter of urgency.


Councillor R Barr endorsed the previous speaker’s comments and supported

the appointment of a BID Manager.


Councillor Kelly commented that whilst there seemed to be a lack of focus

with the delivery of the programme he had to acknowledge the work that had

been achieved by Officers.  He also hoped that the out workings of the review

would not have a consequential effect on the rate payer.  He agreed that it

was imperative that a BID Manager was appointed as soon as possible and

queried the anticipated timeframe.


The Head of Business in response to Members referred to the outcome of the

review and the recommendation to recruit additional Directors to the BID

Company; he clarified that over recent weeks 3 new Board Members were

appointed, one of which was the Managing Director of O’Neills Sportswear. 

He said that the appointment would provide much needed strategic direction

and value to the progression of the BID Business Plan in going forward.  He

also clarified that in relation to the recruitment time line for the BID Manager,

that following endorsement of the recommendation by Full Council on 26

September 2019, the post would be advertised and hopefully the selection

process completed by November 2019 and appointment made by January



                        The Committee


Recommended       that Council endorse the                         contents of the report and                approve the recruitment of a                  Town Centre BID Manager                      on a fixed term basis up                                 to November 2021 with the                    potential for extension                             subject to the successful

balloting of a second BID mandate.


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