Agenda item

Non-Candidate Representatives at Elections


Councillor Cusack Moved, Seconded by Councillor Reilly

That    This Council recognises the public concerns raised after numerous elections at the presence of Party representatives inside polling stations, taking note of who has voted. Understands that this is wholly unnecessary and makes the voter feel uncomfortable, anxious and can result in non-attendance to vote, which is harmful to the democratic process. Is concerned that the process of calling details aloud in an open forum in order to facilitate these agents is in direct conflict with new GDPR legislation for which Council could be held liable.  Trusts that the Electoral Office staff have adequate checks and balances within their own system and procedures to ensure voter detail accuracy.


Therefore requests that all Parties and Independents agree to withdraw their non-candidate representatives from inside the polling stations at all future elections.


                        After voting by a show of hands the result was as follows:


                        For – 14; Against – 15; Abstentions – 0; therefore the Motion fell.