Agenda item

Notice of Motion - Unsightly Graffiti (C371/18)


Alderman Warke referred to the motion passed at Council on 22 November 2018 regarding the removal of graffiti by a Council ‘task management team’.  He stated that in Claudy village there had been an upsurge of sectarian graffiti at places of worship and at the Orange Hall as well as road signs throughout the area.  He proposed that Council send its’ task management team to remove the graffiti from the area.

Alderman Bresland stated that Straid Gospel hall had also been attacked by graffiti and asked that it be removed.

Councillor Reilly stated that all paramilitary graffiti throughout the City and District should be removed immediately.  He referred to the UDA slogans in the Drumahoe area and stated that they should also be removed by the task management team.

Alderman M Hamilton concurred with the comments made by the previous speakers and totally condemned this type of vandalism.

The Mayor stated that any type of sectarian graffiti was not welcome in any community and that Council’s task management team would be asked to address the matter.  He added that it was vital to educate those involved that they were vandalising their own neighbourhoods.

The Chief Executive stated that Council is very proactive in responding to such matters at Council owned property and where appropriate will assist in the removal of graffiti elsewhere.

Councillor Hastings paid tribute to the community workers who removed graffiti from their areas by themselves and stated that they must be given credit for undertaking such work.