Agenda item

Derg Riverside Walk (ER73/19)


Alderman Hussey referred to the following excerpt from the minutes of the Business and Culture Committee meeting wherein the Head of Environment had stated that the delay in progressing this project was due to the fact that this project had been misplaced during the transition process.


He enquired if there were any other issues from the legacy council that have endured similar delays.  He stated that he sought reassurance that there have been no other projects misplaced and furthermore, sought an assurance this project would be given priority to redress the admitted delay.

Councillor R McHugh referred to the Members’ recommendation and stated that it was his understanding that it had previously been approved that Officers action the recommendation.

Councillor Tierney stated that he had asked a similar question to Alderman Hussey regarding further projects that may have been misplaced and if so, Members should be made aware of them.

In response, the Chief Executive assured Members that Council had a very comprehensive Capital Works Project Register which included £300m of capital works.  He advised that the Capital Review Group reviewed the register every few months and subsequently the register was submitted to the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee and this has been the case since the formation of the new Council in 2015.  He stated that all capital projects were included on the register and suggested that if any Members were aware of projects not on that register, to bring them to Officers’ attention to be included for discussion at any meeting of the Capital Working Group or a subsequent meeting of the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee. 

Alderman Hussey thanked the Chief Executive for the information however he was concerned at the misplacement of this particular project and if there were other projects that were also misplaced.