Agenda item

Bay Road Park Emergency Removal of Trees (C62/19)


Alderman Hussey referred to the trees in the Sion Mills area that had fallen and those that were to be examined, particularly the tree line at Melmount Road running through Sion Mills.  He stated that it was an iconic location and queried if there was an intention to replant fallen trees or those that had to be removed.

In response, the Head of Environment stated that Officers had recently received the tree survey for that area which outlined that a number of trees required action.  He stated that Officers would be liaising with colleagues in Transport NI on how to proceed on the matter.  He stated that the majority of the trees were under private ownership and that discussions would take place the landowners.  He added that Officers were aware of the iconic nature of the drive through and the benefit of the trees line in that area, however consent from landowners was required in order to proceed with any work and that the survey has given Officers improved information on the condition of the trees along that particular road.

Alderman Hussey thanked the Head of Environment for his response and stated he hoped that the landowners would agree to any replenishment required in that area.