Agenda item

DfI Correspondence on Proposed Speed Limits (ER19/19)


Councillor Dobbins referred to the recent snowfall in the last few days where some areas of the City had come to a standstill.  She proposed that the correspondence to DfI should include a request for the exact locations where salt boxes were positioned throughout the City and District as some areas did not have salt/grit boxes in place.  She stated that salt boxes should be more strategically placed, particularly on hilly areas and inside smaller housing estates.  She stated that although various organisations had attempted to supply salt they could not reach the affected areas due to traffic congestion.

Councillor Donnelly stated that it was an important issue and that Council had undertaken to procure grit boxes to be placed in central locations throughout the City and District and requested an update on the matter.

In response, the Director of Environment and Regeneration stated that a report would be brought to a future Committee meeting to provide Members with an update on the matter.

Alderman Devenney concurred with the previous speakers in relation to grit boxes and referred to the Brigade area of the City where the majority of residents were disabled.  He stated however, that if a salt box was located in that area the residents would be unable to put the salt on the road and pathways.

Councillor Tierney clarified that Councillor Dobbins had referred to the small yellow ones grit boxes issued by Transport NI.

Councillor O’Reilly proposed that in addition to the request by Councillor Dobbins, Transport NI also advise what criteria had to be met for grit boxes to be issued in certain areas.