Agenda item

Message of Appreciation


The Chair informed Members that this was her final meeting as Chairperson of the Business and Culture Committee due to the forthcoming Council elections.   She expressed her sincere gratitude to Members for their co-operation and also to the Director of Business and Culture and his team of officers for their assistance and support throughout the year.  She wished all candidates taking part in the Council elections in May the very best of luck.


                        Members from all parties expressed their gratitude to the Chair on her hard work and fairness which resulted in Committee meetings being conducted with co-operation, balance and respect throughout the year. They also extended their thanks to the Director of Business and Culture and the officer team for all their assistance and support during the year.


                        Alderman Ramsey thanked her as Deputy Chair for giving him the opportunity to Chair some of the meetings.


In return, the Chair expressed her thanks to the Deputy Chair for all his support.