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Progress Report: Health and Community Directorate Delivery Plan 2018/19


The Director of Health and Community presented the above report, previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to provide Elected Members with details of progress in terms of the delivery of the Directorate Delivery Plan for the Health and Community Directorate for the year 2018/19.


Councillor Donnelly referred to a section within the plan regarding improved community confidence in policing.  He enquired if the plan had intended to tackle issues which had a detrimental effect on large sections of the community such as stop and search, systematic house raids and the use of child informants.


In response, the PCSP Manager stated there were two elements within the plan; community initiatives and the monitoring role carried out by the PCSP.  He reported that the PCSP had taken part in joint initiatives with PSNI to engage programmes such as road safety, cyber-crime and home protection and anti-burglary throughout the community.  He advised that issues such as stop and search, house searches and inappropriate actions by the police had been raised on a regular basis at PCSP Policing Committee meetings and that some parties have also had individual meetings with the District Commander.


The Director of Health and Community advised that whilst the PCSP had a monitoring role it did not have direct responsibility for operational planning and the delivery of the policing service.  She added that PCSP was funded to provide wider, community based initiatives.


Councillor Donnelly stated that issues such as stop and search were ongoing and that and asked if there was any progress on dealing with those issues.


In response, the PCSP Manager advised that he was aware of a number of actions taken locally by the District Commander regarding stop and search such as neighbourhood officers being involved rather and also requests for a local Councillor or PCSP Member to be on present when house searches were being carried out.


The Committee


Recommended  That subject to Members comments, that Members endorse the reports.


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