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Irish Football Association - Consultation on Intermediate Football Restructure and Ground Criteria


The Director of Health and Community presented the above report, previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to advise Members on a current consultation by the Irish Football Association (IFA) in relation to Intermediate Football and to seek Members’ views on the consultation.


She also stated that clubs had been notified and invited comments from Members for inclusion to the response to the consultation and highlighted the following issues;


  • The 2m high fencing designed to obscure viewing in the ground
  • The pitch perimeter barrier and run off areas which could prove challenging for some clubs
  • Accessibility of viewing on two sides of the pitch and that measures must be in place to provide access to all spectator viewing without them having to enter the field of play – implications regarding toilet provision and separation of sterile areas that may require second gating
  • The call-off process in which the referee had the sole authority to call off the game, however Council had grounds maintenance staff who had views on the matter and will look at how it could be more closely defined
  • Parameter set on how close the changing rooms must be 55m from the playing surface and be fenced off
  • Defibrillators are a necessity rather than recommended.


She recommended that Members provide additional comments by email by 12 July 2019 as the response would be released on this date.  She advised that a caveat response would be included should any other comments be submitted after the close down period.


Councillor McHugh thanked the Director for the report and referred to gating surrounding grounds and that Council would be submitting comments on the matter.  He enquired if Council had agreed with the recommendation within the report.


In response, the Director of Health and Community stated that the present proposal was for a wall and there had already been significant lobbying to the IFA in relation to this.  She advised that a special meeting was being held to consider the matter and would advise Members of the outcome.  She referred to the visual impact and the cost of building a wall and had asked the Board to consider any other way that the ‘obscuring’ could be achieved without it having to be a physical structure.  She advised that comments would state that there should be an alternative or relaxation of that requirement.


Councillor Tierney enquired if Council had made any efforts to touch base with the clubs throughout the City and District.  He stated that it was important to have the caveat within the recommendation.


Councillor Farrell stated that clubs that would be impacted had given feedback in terms of changes to the standards of facilities had they mentioned anything regarding the restructuring of the leagues. 3 geographical leagues.


In response to a query by Councillor Farrell regarding the restructuring of the leagues, the Director of Health and Community stated that the proposals for the future structure had not been clearly articulated and that officers had attempted to establish the boundaries.  However there have been more detailed presentations to the Board and the leagues and that particular information may have been relayed to clubs.  She stated that she would emphasise the importance of clarity to establish which clubs would be included in the top three tiers of the new structure.  She stated that a request would be made for site visits regarding compliance when the criteria is adopted as there was quite a short time span, particularly if a sports facility had plans for significant developments.


            The Committee


                        Recommended That (i) Members email their comments to the Director of Health and Community by Friday 12 July 2019 and (ii) a caveat be included in the reponse to enable any further comments to be considered after the consultation date.


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