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Draft Port Health Plan 2019/20


The Head of Health and Community Wellbeing presented the above report, previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to ask Members to consider the content of the report and approve the draft Port Health Plan.


Councillor Ferguson asked if the report included coal dust and the environmental impact it would have on the area.  She stated that the issue had been recently raised regarding the area being covered in black dust and that Environmental Health had also received a number of calls on the matter.


In response, the Head of Health and Community Wellbeing stated that in terms of bulk cargo ships there were approximately 350 per year that arrived at Foyle Port.  He advised that the majority of cargo was animal feed, coal, cement and construction products.  He stated that the majority of complaints received were regarding dust from coal animal feed and coal. He stated that some of the premises that were on land would require a permit and that those premises would be controlled in terms of dust.  He added that any issues regarding off-loading cargo from the ships at Foyle Port would be dealt with as per the report.



            The Committee


Recommended That Members consider the adoption of the Port Health Plan 2019/20.



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