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Nilga Accredited Programmes July 2019


The Lead Democratic Services and Improvement Officer presented the above report, a copy of which had previously been circulated.  She advised that the purpose of the report was to consider elected Member participation onto NILGA accredited Learning Programmes in 2019/2020 and if participation was agreed, to approve the payment of associated costs.


In response to a query from Alderman Hussey, the Lead Democratic and Improvement Services Officer said it was hoped to receive nominations in order that places could be reserved for Members.


Councillor Reilly referred to an email received earlier that day regarding UNESCO Learning Cities – Learning Events/Activities and said he would value the opportunity to commit to this initiative.


In terms of nominating onto the Accredited Learning Programmes he said he felt it was important to avail of the places which were available to Council particularly in regards to planning and leadership.  He referred to a number of interested Councillors from each of the Political Parties and was therefore happy to accept the recommendation to accept the places being made available.  It may be possible to secure additional places to nominate eight elected Members across all of the Council areas.  He requested that Officers provide additional information in this regard and referred to the need to agree a process through which to nominate.


Councillor McGuire advised that he had attended the planning programme the previous year which he found most beneficial. 


Subsequently the Committee


Recommended          (i) that Councillors Durkan, Boyle and Jackson be nominated to undertake the Planning Programme; and


                                    (ii) Alderman Guy and Councillor McLaughlin be nominated for this year, onto the Leadership course.

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