Agenda item

Cultural Grant Aid Programmes


The Head of Culture presented the above report details of which had been

previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to secure

Members approval to roll out the proposed Cultural Organisation Funding

Programme, Access Improvement Programme, Heritage Animation

Programme, Headline Events Funding Programme, Community Festival

Funding Programme and Artist Award Programme.


To secure Member approval in principle for the continuation of the proposed

subvention programme for one off national event with detailed paper to



The Chair welcomed the report and congratulated those Officers involved.


Councillor Logue also welcomed the report and in particular the Community

Festivals Programme.


Alderman Hussey thanked the Officers for the report.  He welcomed in particular the Cultural Organisation Fund.  However he expressed concern over the collapse of Mournederg Partnership and queried if there had been engagement with the group. He also highlighted the need for continued engagement with groups from the wider rural area as there was concern that the perception was that the larger events were being hosted in the City and that towns/villages were not considered.


Councillor R Barr said that he fully endorsed the previous speakers comments.


The Director of Business and Culture assured Committee that whilst officers

always encouraged events to untilise the entire Councill area, this was not

always possible depending on the event. .


The Head of Culture advised Alderman Hussey that they were aware of the

current situation regarding Mournederg Partnership and discussions were

ongoing with relevant Officers in relation to the long-term action.      


Councillor Kelly referred to the Cultural Organisations Fund and the eligibility

criteria that required at least one full-time paid member of staff.  He said that

whilst he appreciated the funding programme was relevant to high-end

professional based organisations mostly based within the City,  he was

concerned that those organisations based within the Tyrone boundaries that

do not have paid staff employed would not be eligible.


The Head of Culture advised that they were aware of the issue and that the

funding programme was relevant to organisations of a particular scale and

were mostly City based.  She however referred to the Artist and Cultural

Practitioner funding programme that would hopefully attract wider City and

District participation.          


Discussion ensued after which the Committee


                                    Recommended       that Council approves the roll out                                             of the proposed Cultural                                                              Organisation in year Funding                                                                 Programme 2019/20 and the full                                                          2020/21 Cultural Funding                                                             Programme as outlined.


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