Agenda item

Consultation on the Timetable and Work Programme for the Preparation of the Northern Ireland Flood Risk Management Plan (2021- 2027) (C59/19) and Strabane River Walkway (C73/19)


Alderman Hussey stated that Members would be aware of damage that had been caused to walkways and riverside areas due to the flooding incident in August 2017 and stated that there was continuing deterioration of the walkway in Sion Mills.  He noted that there had been subsequent floods since that time which had resulted in ongoing erosion at that particular walkway and expressed concern regarding the length of time to have repair work carried out.

The Head of Environment stated that as previously reported at a meeting of the Environment and Regeneration Committee, a team of specialist consultants has been procured to look at all structural damage as a result of the flooding in August 2017.  He advised that Officers were currently reviewing the official reports with the consultants and would soon be engaging with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and the Rivers Agency on the extent of works to be undertaken.  He stated that the proposals in terms of how to repair the structures and prevent any further damage will be available in the coming weeks.   He stated that whilst he appreciated that repairs have taken some time, it was necessary that the process was carried out correctly to ensure that whatever work undertaken is robust to prevent any erosion in the future.  He added that it was hoped to have made substantial progress in the summer months in terms of how the damage has been remediated.

Alderman Hussey thanked the Head of Environment for his reply. However, he stated that people were frustrated as they could not see any action on the ground since August 2017.  He stated that he appreciated the work done to date and looked forward to it coming to fruition.