Agenda item

Kerbside Green Waste Collections


The Head of Environment presented the above report, a copy of which had

previously been circulated.  He advised that the purpose of the report was to

inform Members of plans to extend the kerbside garden waste collections to

areas within the Derry City area on a fortnightly basis following a successful

funding application made to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and

Rural Affairs.


Alderman Ramsey welcomed the report which he said was the next step in achieving a zero waste strategy and looked forward to the roll-out of the scheme.  He anticipated the success of the pilot scheme which would hopefully lead to an overall reduction in black bin waste.  He requested that Officers present a report on the costings of the four zero waste scenarios and the pros and cons in regards to each which would assist in further investigation into the most feasible and potentially successful scenario.

Alderman Hussey enquired if Council’s green waste would feed into the system and expressed concern at problems with leftover grass in some area.


The Head of Environment advised that grass collection depended on the frequency of grass cutting and where it was possible for Council to collect the grass.  He stated that where cuts were more frequent the grass was not always lifted, however, in regards to regular cuts the machinery was available to collect the grass.  He referred to the different types of machinery available for such collections all of which had pros and cons and this was an issue which was currently under consideration.


Councillor P Kelly referred to the roll out of brown bins in the Strabane area where food and green waste were comingled and queried why this had not been extended to the rural area.


Councillor Dobbins welcomed the above scheme and stated that as a frequent user of the City Recycling Centre said she felt this would impact favourably on the overall reduction of waste.


Councillor Jackson welcomed the report and queried if brown bins would be rolled out in conjunction with green bins.  He queried the anticipated timescale involved and enquired if a further report would be presented to Committee prior to the implementation of the scheme.


The Head of Environment advised that when the pilot scheme was implemented in Strabane householders were advised that they would not require the large caddy.  He stated that regulations required that a separate food collection must be put in place unless Council could demonstrate that as much food waste would be collected co-mingled as collected separately.  Council had adopted this approach in accordance with legislative requirements, however, this could be reviewed in due course depending on the results of the co-mingled pilot scheme.  He stated that Members would be advised on the results of the pilot scheme and agree a decision accordingly.

The Head of Environment confirmed that the scheme would be extended to the rural area and information would be provided on what areas would be involved.  He stated that this project would be rolled out throughout the City and District.


Councillor Duffy requested a review of green and brown bin waste in terms of the zero waste strategy.  She stated that the small food caddie would have a greater impact on the reduction of food waste than the larger caddie.


In response to a query from Councillor P Kelly, the Head of Environment explained that through the rates system Council funded the provision of a black bin for each household within the Council District.  However, this differed from the system operated in Donegal.  He stated that research was currently being carried out within the Republic of Ireland to identify properties that did not have a bin and how they were disposing of their waste which could have a positive on the amount of waste deposited at Council’s recycling centres.


The Head of Environment referred to the considerable amount of work being carried out to increase recycling figures.


The Committee


Recommended       (a) that approval be granted to endorse the plans to introduce the scheme as outlined in the report; and


(b) that Officers prepare a report for

submission to a future Meeting of Committee

on the costings for the four zero waste

scenarios and the pros and cons in respect of




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