Agenda item

Allocation of ESF Match Funding Year 2


The Head of Business presented the above report details of which had been previously circulated to Members.  The purpose of the report was to ask Members to approve an ESF match funding allocation to five organisations for delivery of their project in year 2 subject to a rates allocation.


                        Councillor McLaughlin queried why Council was approving funding applications for next year, when a report further on the agenda identified an underspend in some groups for this financial year.


The Head of Business explained that this was only Quarter 3 results and Quarter 4 was traditionally a busier quarter and therefore he was confident that the figures would improve.  He added that the allocation for next year was essential to allow the groups to accept their letter of offer from the Department as funds were claimed retrospectively there was always an opportunity to reallocate in year if a group underspends.


                        The Committee


                                                Recommended       that Council approves the year 2                                                           match funding at the same level as                                                       year 1, subject to the agreement as                                                                  part of the rates estimation                                                                             process for 2019/2020.


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