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Urban Villages - Abercorn Road Revitalisation Regeneration Programme


The Regeneration Manager presented the above report, a copy of which had previously been circulated.  He advised that the purpose of the report was to update Members in relation to Council’s successful funding application to the Urban Villages programme for the delivery of a Revitalisation regeneration on Abercorn Road and to outline proposed next steps and to seek authority to grant Council’s Chief Executive delegated authority in signing off all procurement matters related to the delivery of this programme.

Alderman Hussey endorsed the concept outlined at 4.1 of the report that the grant being offered by TEO was part of this Revitalisation Programme was being funded at a rate of 100%.  He also welcomed the fact and that eligible works to participating property owners would also be at a rate of 100% given previous difficulties experienced by property owners in terms of moving forward with a rate less than 50%.  He anticipated that a similar approach would be adopted in the rural area.


Councillor Tierney also welcomed the 100% funding and the fact that this would have no financial implications for Council.


In response to a query from Alderman Warke, Mr McGurk confirmed that at present there were no plans to alter the entrance to the scheme at Fountain Estate.  He advised that a Vacancy and Dereliction Properties study of the area was underway when representations and plans would be taken forward on those areas in the Fountain and Bogside which contained derelict and vacant properties which would lend themselves to the project.  He referred to the fact that the bonfire site at the Fountain was derelict and vacant.  He also referred to the possibility of establishing, through Council, which routes and sites were vacant within The Urban Villages area.  It was anticipated that this study could be completed within the coming months and the information collated shared with Council.  He continued that, as yet, there was no budget in place for further projects.  However if the Stormont Executive were to return to power, a bid would be made for further funding.


In response to a query from Alderman Warke, Mr McGurk confirmed that there were no plans to include Carlisle Road in the Vacancy and Dereliction Properties Study.  He further advised that as part of the Study comments had been invited however there were no definite plans, as yet, to carry out any re-dereliction works.


Councillor Campbell welcomed the report and stated that not only was Abercorn Road a main gateway into The Urban Villages area but was also a main arterial route into the City.


The Regeneration Manager advised that Officers were actively working with the Department for Communities who would be carrying out a re-vitalisation programme for Carlisle Road and which was currently part of a scoping exercise and it was anticipated that funding would be received to take this forward during the next financial year.


Councillor Hastings referred to the condition of the former Tillie and Henderson’s factory site and enquired if there were any plans to carry out maintenance works to this building.


The Regeneration Manager advised that this was among a number of sites which had received funding as part of a DoE Dereliction Scheme to facilitate the carrying out of general maintenance works. He said this was a privately owned site which he acknowledged was in a state disrepair however he did not envisage any additional funding being made available in respect thereof.  He undertook to raise this issue with the owner of the site as required.

The Committee


Recommended       (a) that Members note the contents of the report and grant delegated authority for the Council’s Chief Executive to sign off on the appointment of all contracts associated with the delivery of this project; and


(b) that update reports be presented to

Committee for information in relation to all the

appointments related to the project as well as

status updates.