Agenda item

Matters Arising


Councillor Gallagher enquired if there was any update in relation to the short-

term measures for City of Derry Airport and the £2.5 M Route Development



The Chief Executive advised that a meeting had taken place between himself,

the Lead Finance Officer and David Sterling, Head of the Civil Service in mid-

July when they had reinforced the case for the reinstatement and release of

the £2.5 Route Development Fund to be directed towards the London route as

soon as possible.  He stated that they had also presented the medium and

long-term plans for the future of the Airport.  He said Mr Sterling clearly

understood the current position of the Airport and the immediate

requirements and was sympathetic in trying to find a solution.  The Chief

Executive said Mr Sterling had suggested that Council approach Noel Lavery, Permanent Secretary at the Department for the Economy which they were currently waiting for a date to be scheduled for a joint meeting with the Department to discuss the matter further.