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Monthly Governance and Strategic Planning Committee held on Tuesday 3 July 2018


The Minutes of the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee held on 3 July 2018 (GSP110/18-GSP125/18) were submitted.

                        Alderman Kerrigan Moved, Councillor Hastings Seconded and the Council


Resolved       that the above minutes be adopted as a true record of the Meeting

                        Matters Arising from the Minutes

C259/18         Encouraging those with a Disability into the Workplace (GSP121/18)

                        Councillor Dobbins stated that the SDLP and other parties had been lobbied by Foyle Downs Syndrome Trust and Destined regarding the provision of work for disabled people rather than placement opportunities.  She stated that the organisations considered Derry City and Strabane District Council as the forefront of their aspirations of promoting meaningful employment roles.  She requested that a more comprehensive report be brought to a Governance and Strategic Planning Committee meeting detailing how Council would commit to the provision of stand-alone employment for people with disabilities who were sadly under-represented. 

                        Alderman McClintock and Councillors O’Reilly and Cooper concurred with the sentiments expressed by Councillor Dobbins.   They stated that the report was not as comprehensive as expected by Destined and Foyle Downs Syndrome Trust and suggested that both organisations be invited to make a presentation to Members to discuss their objectives.  They stated that the outcome of the presentation would result in a more substantive report to become available to address any issues that had been raised. 

                        Alderman McClintock suggested that Council explore the pilot schemes currently underway in Leicester and Glasgow as a further option to be considered.

                        The Chief Executive stated that the purpose of the initial report was to advise that substantial work would be undertaken after consultation with Foyle Downs Syndrome Trust, Destined and other agencies and that those agencies would be invited to make a presentation to Council.

C260/18         Capital Projects Approval (GSP114/18)

                        Alderman Hussey stated that there had been issues raised concerning the play provision at Ballymagorry and Carricklee, which had not been included in the recommendations and sought assurance that the areas highlighted by Members as having a facility deficit would be addressed.

                        In response, the Chief Executive stated that they would be referred to the relevant officer team to be raised at the next Capital Working Group meeting and subsequently to the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee. 


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