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Matters Arising


C251/18         Congratulations (C211/18)

Alderman Hussey stated several congratulations had been offered with requests for recognition by holding a civic reception.  He enquired if the requests had been progressed.

In response, the Mayor stated that the requests should be forwarded to the Mayor’s Office.

C252/18         Roll Out of Brown Bin Provision (C221/18)

Councillor P Kelly referred to the piloting of combined food and garden waste collections in the Strabane area.  He asked what Council had planned for the food caddies that were no longer in use as they had been quite costly to introduce.  He stated that he had been contacted by constituents who had raised environmental concerns regarding using the larger bins. 

Councillor Gallagher stated that the food waste collection service had been successfully rolled out in the Strabane area.  He stated that the piloting of combined food and garden waste collections has been introduced at a further cost and that environmental and health issues had been reported. 

Councillor M McHugh concurred with Councillor Gallagher’s comments. He stated that the bins were often inundated with flies which was not environmentally friendly and probably would discourage people from using the larger bins.  He added that the previous system whereby food waste green waste was collected separately was excellent. 

Councillor Gallagher stated that the pilot scheme was not cost effective and asked why it had been introduced.

Alderman Hussey enquired as to how long the pilot scheme would last as issues were being identified within the pilot scheme.

In response, the Director of Environment and Regeneration stated that the pilot scheme was introduced to consider the potential for the combined collection of green waste and food waste.  She stated that she was happy to take Members comments on board in relation to any issues and a report on the matter will be brought to a future meeting of the Environment and Regeneration Committee.