Agenda item

Condemnation- Attack on Councillor Campbell's Home (GSP58/18)


Alderman Devenney reiterated his condemnation of the attack on Councillor Campbell’s car.  However, he expressed concern at alleged events that had taken place after the attack.  He stated that allegations had been made regarding an Elected Representative and a Council Officer and sought clarification on the matter from Sinn Fein.  He added that all Elected Representatives and Council employees were expected to work by a code of conduct.


Councillor Donnelly expressed concern that the allegations made against the Elected Representative and Council Officer did not merit a mention from Council.  He also expressed concern regarding allegations that members of Sinn Fein were recently involved in intimidation and making threats against an Independent Councillor in Donegal.  He then expressed his criticism of recent statements by Sinn Fein TD Gerry Adams and Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney and that intimidation and threats were another burden on a community that was already under attack from the state.