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Confirmation of External and Internal Bodies to Committees 2018/19


The Director of Business and Culture presented the above report, a copy of which had previously been circulated.  He advised that the purpose of the report was to confirm membership of Elected Members on External and Internal Bodies for the year ending June 2019 or for the period specified.


Members accepted the recommendations of the report with the following changes:


Councillor Reilly advised that his Party would make their nomination to the Northern Ireland Museums Council at the June Council Meeting.


Board of Directors – Visit Derry                  Councillor Cusack to replace

                                                Councillor Boyle


CoDA                                                              Councillor Reilly to replace Councillor Boyle


NW Peace and Reconciliation                       Councillor Gardiner to replace 

Partnership – Peace IV                                  Councillor Boyle


                                                 Councillor D Kelly to replace Councillor Councillor Carlin


Strabane Town Forum                                  Councillor Reilly to replace Councillor McKeever


Board of the Walled City Partnership         Councillor Reilly to replace Councillor Boyle


Board of City Centre Initiative                     Councillor Tierney to replace Councillor Boyle


Festivals and Events Steering Group          Councillor McKeever to replace Councillor Boyle


In response to a query from Alderman Hussey, Councillor Reilly

confirmed that it was his Party’s intention, under D’Hondt to maintain their position on the Mournederg Action Plan Committee.


Subsequently the Committee


Recommended       (a) that Membership on the External

Bodies for the year ending June2019 be confirmed incorporating the changes to Membership noted; and

(b) that the nomination for Museum’s Council was referred to full Council.


Supporting documents: