Agenda item

Nominees for NILGA Local Planning Programme for Elected Members


The Lead Democratic Services and Improvement Officer presented the above

report a copy of which had previously been circulated.  She advised that the

purpose of the report was to seek two elected Member nominees to

undertake the pilot NILGA Local Planning Programme for elected Members

and to approve associated travel costs incurred by these Members.


Councillor McMahon advised that Sinn Fein would make their nomination at the April Council Meeting.


Councillor Tierney nominated Councillor Boyle on behalf of the SDLP.


Alderman Hussey queried if a vote would be required if a third nomination was put forward.


Councillor Boyle said it was unfortunate that Council were not permitted to have more than two nominations which he suggested was due to the cost involved.  He undertook to share with all Members whatever knowledge he gained through his attendance at the Programme which he regarded as the most appropriate way to proceed.


Alderman Hussey acknowledged the relevance of the programme in terms of planning however having read through the programme’s content he felt it was relevant to all Members of Council and anticipated that any information would be distributed accordingly.


Councillor Donnelly queried if the positions should be filled by persons other than the Chairperson and Members of the Planning Committee.


Alderman Thompson suggested that this matter be referred to the April council Meeting and in the meantime Officers ascertain if Council could submit additional nominees to attend the Programme.


Alderman Hussey expressed concern that the initial meeting scheduled for April 22 would take place before the April Council Meeting.  He said his Party would not be putting forward a nomination he was concerned however in regard to the distribution of information arising from the Programme.


The Committee subsequently


Recommended       that this matter be deferred to the April Council Meeting when Members nominations to attend the Programme would be ratified.



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