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Matters Arising


C08/18           Growth Deal/City Deal (C354/17)


Alderman McClintock stated that she welcomed all efforts to progress the City Deal and asked for an update regarding recent meetings held at Westminster and with Arlene Foster MLA.  

Alderman Hussey stated that Members had agreed to invite ministerial representation to Council to discuss the matter and asked if there had been any indication when this would take place as correspondence had been received confirming their willingness to meet with Members.

Councillor Reilly stated that the Secretary of State had been recently interviewed on local radio and stated that a growth deal could only happen if the Northern Ireland Executive Assembly was re-established.

In response, the Chief Executive stated that a full report had been presented at the Governance and Strategic Planning Committee meeting held on 9 January 2018, which included an update on all correspondence that had been sent regarding City Deal.  He stated that correspondence had also been sent to the Minister for the Department of Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP with no response received.  However, Council representatives had attended a meeting with Minister Javid at Westminster were a robust case was put forward for a City Deal for the City and District.  He reported that a range of stakeholders from the City and District had attended the meeting which was very well received and the Minister undertook to consider the matter with cabinet colleagues and the Prime Minister.  He stated that he would provide Members with a report on the outcome of the meeting.  He advised Members that correspondence had also been sent to the Secretary of State, James Brokenshire to request a meeting.  However, he had been replaced by the new Secretary of State, Karen Bradley and the correspondence had been passed to her together with a further letter which reminded her that the previous Secretary of State had been requested to come to the City and District to discuss the matter.


Notice of Motion – US Presidents Decision to Name Jerusalem as Capital of Israel (C366/17)


                        Alderman McClintock stated that she had raised an issue regarding Motions with a report to be presented at the relevant committee.  She enquired if there had been any update on the matter.

                        In response, the Lead Legal Services Officer stated that a report would be brought to a future Governance and Strategic Planning Committee meeting.