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C351/17         Chinese Delegation Visit to the City

The Mayor commented on the recent visit of the delegation from Dalian, China to the City.  He stated that the delegation had been greatly impressed with the history of the City and region.  He hoped that the continuing links were enhanced as a result of the visit and the friendships that had been forged.  He also hoped that Dalian would be twinned with the City.

C352/17         Security Alerts

The Mayor stated that he was discouraged by the recent security alerts in the City where devices had been found in residential areas.  He remarked that it was particularly appalling at this time of year when families with young children had to be evacuated from their homes.  He stated that there was no need for this type of activity within our communities and that there were alternative ways for people to express themselves politically.

Alderman Hussey concurred with the remarks made by the Mayor in relation to the security alerts.   He also referred to the visit by the Chinese delegation to the City and stated that with the exception of a major differential in scale, there was a tremendous amount of commonality between both cities which was to be welcomed as it would bring tremendous value to the Derry City and Strabane District Council area.

Councillor Boyle reported that he had attended the meeting with the delegation which had proved very productive.  He stated that there was a very real potential for a sound relationship in going forward.  He described the many similarities between the two cities and that it was very significant that a city with a population of 7 million people would be interested in engaging with our City on a social and economic level.