Agenda and minutes

Sepcial Environment and Regeneration to receive representatives from DfI Roads to consider their Autumn Report, Environment and Regeneration Committee
Wednesday 20 November 2019 4.00 pm

Venue: Guildhall, Derry. View directions

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Notice and Summons of Meeting


The Director of Environment and Regeneration read the Notice and Summons for the Meeting.



Member Attendance and Apologies


Apologies were recorded from Councillors Burke and Durkan.




Declarations of Members' Interests


There were no Declarations of Members’ interests.




Request to Suspend Standing Orders - Mobuoy Road


Councillor McCann Proposed that Standing Orders be suspended to allow a discussion on the situation at Mobuoy Road.


The Chairperson advised that the NIEA would be attending a Special Meeting of Committee in January to discuss this matter and suggested that Councillor McCann’s proposal be deferred until that time.


Councillor McCann further requested a suspension of Standing Orders to ensure that Members were adequately prepared with firm opinions and agreed actions in place prior to meeting with the Department regarding this matter.  He then put forward the following Proposal


That a Special Council Committee to be known as the “Mobuoy Committee” be established with a remit to champion a clean-up of the Mobuoy Road waste dump.


That the issue of the Mobuoy Road dump be henceforth included on the agenda for each meeting of Council.


That the Committee report to Council each month on progress towards clean-up of the dump.


That the Mobuoy Committee be given a remit to liaise on a continuous basis with stakeholders and interested parties in the Mobuoy road issue and to report back to full Council.


The Chairperson suggested that this be presented as a Notice of Motion to the November Council Meeting which would allow sufficient time to have the matter properly addressed and a position agreed upon prior to the Special Meeting in January.


Councillor McCann expressed concern at the continuous delays in dealing with this matter which he feared could result in the situation not being properly addressed.


Alderman Ramsey pointed out that whilst the DUP and other Political Parties were in support of Councillor McCann’s Motion, there were a number of points contained therein which needed to be addressed and deferring the matter until the November Council Meeting would provide the time to do so.


Councillor Duffy considered the Motion to be quite substantial and whilst acknowledging the urgency of this matter felt that in order that it should be granted the level of debate required it should be deferred to the November Council Meeting when all Members could participate in the discussion.   


The Chairperson reiterated his opinion that the matter be deferred to the November Council Meeting.


Councillor Dobbins concurred with the sentiments expressed above given the emotive nature of the issue.


Alderman McCready suggested formulating a joint Council approach the content of which to be agreed through each of the Party Leaders and presented to the Department.


The Chairperson reminded Members that any decision taken by Committee was subject to ratification by Council.


Councillor Harkin suggested that if the Motion was discussed and a decision agreed by Committee this could be ratified at the November Council Meeting rendering any further discussion unnecessary.  He pointed out that Councillor McCann’s Motion was based on the outcome of a public meeting attended by representatives from the Department which had taken place earlier that week.  He said it would prove worthwhile for Members to be informed of the content of that meeting much of which had proved quite alarming.


The Chairperson reminded  ...  view the full minutes text for item SER14/19


To receive representatives from the Department for Infrastructure (Roads Western Division) to present the Autumn Report 2019 pdf icon PDF 7 MB


The Chairperson welcomed the representatives from Roads Western Division to the Meeting and invited them to present their Autumn Report 2019.


The Network Development Manager presented the Transport NI Western Division Works Programme Update report (Autumn 2019) details of which had previously been circulated to Members.


The Network Development Manager advised that the draft programme contained proposed schemes generated by requests for improvements from the public, public representatives and schemes identified within Department for Infrastructure Roads.  All of the proposed schemes had been assessed in accordance with current procedures and were considered to be high priority and to represent good value for money.  He stated that the assessment procedure had taken into account a number of factors including cost, traffic volumes and collisions.  


The Network Development Manager pointed out that work continued to progress at a fast pace on the A6 Londonderry to Dungiven dual carriageway with the site clearance almost completed and significant earthworks progressing well along the scheme towards an anticipated completion in 2022.  He continued that on a more local level the footway at Temple Road, Strathfoyle would be completed shortly and the A5 Melmount Road in Sion Mills had been resurfaced.


He concluded that the structural maintenance budget for Northern Ireland was currently £104 million against an annual requirement of some £143 million which included £10 million set aside for a ‘roads recovery fund’ which was being used to address localised areas of immediate need across the road network.  Of this £724k had been allocated to the Derry and Strabane District Council area.  The Department would continue to identify those roads in most need of repair and prioritise this work alongside other ongoing priorities.


The Network Development Manager reminded Members that in November 2017 the Department had published its Statement and Notice of Intention to Proceed with the A5 Scheme.  A legal challenge to the Department’s decision to proceed was submitted in December 2017.  As a result, the above-mentioned Direction and Vesting Orders were quashed in November 2018.  Following the public consultation which concluded on 17 May 2019, the Department considered all the representations made and in view of the number and nature of the issues raised decided that a further public inquiry would be necessary.  He continued that the Planning Appeals Commission had now appointed to administer the public inquiry scheduled to being on 18 February 2020.  He concluded that subject to all considerations and any further issues that emerge and pending the outcome of the public consultation construction works on Phase 1A could commence on site in late 2020.


The representatives then delivered the report under the following headings:


Strategic Road Improvements


Network Maintenance


Structural Maintenance


Network Development


Local Transport and Safety Measures


Street Lighting


The Network Maintenance Section Engineer advised that his Section was responsible for maintaining the existing road network to a satisfactory standard.  He outlined those roads which it was proposed to resurface during the 2019-2020 financial year at an estimated cost of £2.961 million.  He highlighted those schemes which  ...  view the full minutes text for item SER15/19